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austin mullin

Digital Designer with additional expertise in the art of User Interface Design and Motion Graphics 🚀

A little bit about me.

Digital Graphic Designer

Passion for visual storytelling through motion graphics, familiarity with web/UX principles and the ability to design graphics for both print and digital.

Previous Experiences

Worked full-time at agencies like Our People Entertainment, and have done contract work in-house for companies like Halfpenny Management.

Web Development Skills

I have knowledge in HTML/CSS/JS,ensuring projects can be executed flawlessly. Knowledgeable in deployments like Webflow and WordPress.

Event Organizer

I run a Philadelphia Meetup Group for UX/Graphic Designers, which provides a network for designers and also a platform to make friends.

Voluntary Work

Program Coordinator and Event Organizer for DiverticalPhilly, a community event organizer catering to individuals on the autism spectrum.
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